Data Source

Source:                WSS – Survey App

Analysis Criteria:

The Following factors were considered during the grading of the CBOs. Based on the importance of the factors regarding sustainability, the weights were fixed and analyzed.

Governance And Management
• Percentage Of Active Membership
• AGM Is Held & Office Bearers Duly Elected
• Dedicated Maintenance Staff Assigned & Paid
• Complain Registry Updated.
• Gender Balance
• Good Coordination by CBOs During Water Issues.

Financial Management
• Operating Ratio
• Collection Efficiency
• Sound Financial Management
• Timely Auditing
• Other Income Generation Activities

Asset Management
• All Assets Captured and Updated
• Maintenance Carried Out Effectively on a Regular Basis

Service Level
• Water Availability
• Reliability Of Water Source
• Water Quality Tested and Passed
• Instances Of Water Services Broken Down More Than 12 Hours for the Last One Year

Water Source Sharing & Protection
• Sensitizing Water Sharing
• Risks In the Catchment Identified& Mitigation Plan Prepared.
• Improvement Work Carried Out



  • Good
    Who were scored over 294
  • Moderate
    Who were scored Between 168 to 294
  • Need to Improve
    Who were scored Below 168

For further details on the grading please refer to the Grading Criteria (Download)