Data Source      
Source Mobile App
Data Type          Operation & Maintenance Data
Data Field         Observations from Inspection Team
Sub-field          Observation


  • In operation and Technical Advice Required
  • In operation and Community Development Assistance Required
  • Rehabilitation Required
  • Water Quality Improvement Required
  • Expansion / Augmentation Required
  • Caretaker Training required
  • Management Training Required
  • Financial Training Required
  • Catchment Management Required

Uses and utilization of the Dashboard  
This Dashboard enables the relevant and / or responsible agency to get a distribution of interventions required by the various groups of CBOs.
The agency can identify areas where there are no limitations to bring immediate solutions to some of the Required Interventions and are within their capacity.
Agency could also identify Interventions that require minimal financial commitments, and which could be attended as an immediate priority.

Location Data  
When an office is available, its location will get displayed as the location of the CBO.  If not, either the approximate center of the service area or the main reservoir location will be displayed as the CBO location.

The map window will display whether a CBO has Intervention Requirements or not. Intervention Required-based category symbolization is impossible due to the fact that a single CBO can have a combination of different categories of Intervention Requirements.