Data Source      
Source                 Mobile App
Data Type           Operation & Maintenance Data
Data Field           Issues related to WSS Operations
Sub-field             Issues


  • Social
  • Management
  • Land
  • Finance

Uses and utilization of the Dashboard  
The relevant and /or responsible agency could focus on the different issue categories and plan appropriate common intervention strategies which may constitute a combination of the following pertaining to the issues concerned.

  • Provision of Training /Advise with Guidelines & Handbooks to improve skill levels of CBOs to manage the issues by themselves.
  • Capturing further details on the issues and formulating solutions, to be taken up with the appropriate Government Agencies for early resolution of the same.
  • Paying visits to the respective CBOs individually, by officers from the relevant Agency for a detailed study on the issues and to initiate immediate solutions.

Location Data
When an office is available, its location will get displayed as the location of the particular CBO.  If not, either the approximate center of the service area or the main reservoir location will be displayed as the CBO location.

The map window will display whether a CBO has  Issue or Not. Issue-based category symbolization is impossible due to the fact that a single CBO can have a combination of different categories of Issues.